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Whitechapel Pyjamas

Whitechapel Pyjamas

Sewing Pattern - Whitechapel Pyjamas

Sewing Level:  Beginner+
Sizes: Chest 30-49"/Waist 24-44"/Hip 34"-53"

Transform your bedtime look with the Whitechapel Pyjamas' relaxed, boxy shirt and button-front design. The trousers boast a comfortable yet stylish fit, featuring a slightly tapered leg and elasticated waist. Detailed instructions for sewing fancy French seams are included for a polished and cozy finish - but don't fret, there aren't too many steps!


Perfect for relaxing at home or attending a pyjama party, these pyjamas feature slightly cropped sleeves and leg lengths that can easily be lengthened for a perfect fit. They provide plenty of room to curl up and unwind, while still maintaining a sleek and sophisticated look.


Create a perfect summer look by cropping the legs and sleeves of these Whitechapel Pyjamas. Use the included guide to easily make a shorter version. Add piping for a touch of style or patch pockets to hold your dreams.


The pants couldn't be more straightforward - just three seams and some elastic. The top offers a gentle introduction to french seams, flat construction sleeve insertion, and a basic collar. You'll also have to create some buttonholes. For beginners, it's best to start with the pants and pair them with a t-shirt while completing the shirt!


Experience the luxurious comfort of our Whitechapel Pyjamas in a variety of classic and bold patterns. From crisp cotton shirting to soft brushed cotton and silky paisley, you'll be able to make the perfect pair for both sleeping and partying. Indulge in these stylish and versatile pyjamas - you won't be able to resist making more than one!

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