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Hexis Hat

Hexis Hat

Sewing Pattern - Hexis Hat

Sewing Level:  Beginner
Sizes: S (53cm), M (58cm), L (63cm)

Whether you're looking for a good, silly hat, need something for cosplay, or have always wanted hair like Rapunzel (but warmer!), this versatile, 6-pointed HEXplosion of madness has got you covered.

With half a dozen tentacles available in small, medium and large, the Hexis Hat is the perfect fidget accessory. Weave them, plait them, tie them up. Or let them hang loose - swish, flick, twiddle, have fun!

Crafting your own Hexis Hat is a cinch -- just use an overlocker/serger to speed up the process. If you don't have one, no problem! A regular sewing machine or even stitching by hand will work just as well.

This pattern has been designed with medium to heavy-weight knit fabrics, including Polar Fleece, Sherpa Fleece, Cuddlesoft, Faux Fur, French Terry, etc.

What our pattern testers and customers have to say

‘’It was fun and a quick make. I love it!’’ Julie

‘’You do amazing work with these patterns, and it is a lot of fun to follow them and to enjoy your lovely designs.‘’ Kerstin

‘’Fit perfectly and was super easy to make.‘’ Clarissa

‘’This was a really fun make and a pretty quick one. The pattern is simple to print, and the different sizes/lengths are great for making fun hats for all. The instructions are great, and the illustrations are clear and helpful. Another fab pattern.’’ Sophie

‘’I loved this to pieces - a really easy to project cut and sew. Thank you once again for an amazing pattern.‘’ Koala

‘’The instructions were very clear; I found it very easy. This will make a great project for teaching with. It has several techniques that every tailor/seamstress should learn. Your variations of the pattern as well as how to wear it definitely make it more versatile.  Overall, very well done.’’ Julie

‘’I like the tutorial. It is easy to follow. And it should be possible for beginners with little knowledge about how to work with stretchy fabric to follow these instructions. Also for non native speakers it should be easy to understand.’’ Kerstin

‘’Very easy to follow and the cute graphics.‘’ Clarissa

’’Thank you for creating such a great pattern.’’ Julie
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