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Copenhagen Hat

Copenhagen Hat

Sewing Pattern - Copenhagen Hat

Sewing Level:  Beginner
Sizes: S - XL Adult

The Copenhagen Hat is the ideal craft for using leftover fabric from designing your Copenhagen Coat! Its panelled pattern boasts a divine look reminiscent of holy church headwear and the domed roofs of St Petersburg. A unique feature is its exposed seam, which accentuates the panels' shape - or choose the enclosed seams for a more rounded finish. To top it off, the brim is double-turned for extra comfort and style.

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Snug enough to keep you cosy!


The instructions give options for enclosed or exposed seams and either a bobble or tie topper. Let your creativity flow by adding embroidery and embellishments as you wish. 


Easy-peasy! You can sew this up in under half an hour once you know how!


Anything cosy! A soft wool with a bit of give is best – cashmere, boucle, boiled wool, or felted wool are all good choices. You could also use a heavy-weight jersey or fleece, real or faux leather/suede/sheepskin. The main thing to remember is that as the hem is turned up to the outside you will need to like both sides of the fabric!

Please be aware: Customers with a colour vision deficiency may have issues differentiating the cutting lines within this pattern. Leave a note in the comments section, and we will gladly label the sizes for convenience!

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